• On this starry night
    You can see them as they come into sight.
    They want nothing from us
    But our pure trust.

    They bring no harm,
    Only they're charm
    As they make they're way into the moon light
    A majestic story is the one they write

    Once a year,
    They dare to come near
    To the society that thinks them strange
    But it's the society themselves who change.

    They are sinners
    They are clingers
    They are winners
    They are cleansers

    But who are we to judge,
    When we are the ones who grudge?
    Against those so simple,
    Who are all worthless symbols

    They are the 41 Howlers
    And every night, once a year
    They come here to prowl
    To feast on our lonely fear.

    ...Setting us both free...