• Why can’t you trust this new person I met?
    “It will end up badly again I bet”
    But heart, how do you know if we do not try?
    “Because I’ve learned what is true and a lie”

    But heart I can see it clearly in his eyes
    “Don’t be foolish to fall for his lies”
    But heart he always says ‘I love you’
    “But other liars have done so too”

    But heart, he always takes care of me
    “Yes, but there’s something you cannot see”
    But heart, what is this of which you speak?
    “It’s something I can never say or teach”

    But heart, how would I know when it is true?
    “You will feel something powerful inside of you”
    But heart, how will I know if we've never met?
    “You must leave it up to the hands of fate"