• Looking Deeper
    By: Me
    When you first see me on the street,
    You might think I am plain,
    No one that you need to meet,
    Just one drop in the rain.
    But if you look much closer,
    Right down to my soul,
    You'll find that I'm a joker,
    But I'll try and reach all goals.

    I'm really quite observant,
    at least, thats what I hear,
    My love is always permanent,
    And death is my biggest fear.
    I know that some things I do are wrong,
    And I know they're probably right,
    When he makes me cry, I cry long,
    Because I hate it when we fight.

    When you look close,
    Deep down in my heart,
    You'll find a small budding rose,
    An interesting work of art.

    I don't know, does it sound kinda self righteous?