• Can you hear me?
    I am crying, my soul has been pierced by more than a thousand pins and needles.
    What should I do and how should this go?

    Can you hear me? I'm screaming,
    but yet i can't hear myself.
    My soul is still wounded for no words come from your mouth.
    You don't even look at me anymore.
    You said we would take a brake,
    but you saw it as freedom.
    you took another's hand and left me in the dark.
    Alone i sit broken into pieces.
    I have failed to stay strong.
    What happened to us then.

    Can you hear me?
    Knocking at your door,
    begging to open your heart to me once more.
    And as I press my ear to the door I hear you,
    but you are not alone.
    You are with her.

    Can you hear me?
    I thought you cared.
    I didn't expect you to do this but i will wait.
    I will wait for your return.
    When she leaves you, you will feel my pain.
    And maybe,
    just maybe you will come back to me again.

    Can you hear me?
    I'm singing.
    I'm preparing a song for your arrival,
    and it is from the heart.
    I wait here,
    just wait here.
    For you to sing your part.

    Can you here me?