• I know I lied to you so many times before
    But you tool my heart, so I ended up fighting you
    I never meant to hurt you the way I did
    I never meant to leave you in the shadow
    Please give me a second chance

    I know I did you wrong way to many times
    But I was scared of the feelings that you planted inside
    If I knew what you would mean to me
    I’d take more heeding to the saying
    “You never know what you have till it’s gone”
    Whoa you never know till it’s gone!

    I know I lied but give me one more try
    I didn’t understand what was going on inside
    I meant what I said I’m in love with you
    You dive me past insane

    I know I lied let me make it ok
    I just want to be in your life
    Die one night with a smile
    You’re my reason to go on
    You’re my reason for my strength
    Everyone listen to the heeding “you never know what you have till its gone”