• If you wrote me a poem,
    I'd write a whole story
    If you showed me a picture
    I'd make it all gorey

    If you gave me some land
    I'd give you a river
    Pull out a gun
    Heck, ill even load up a quiver

    the lies i made and the scene i showed
    was as simple as making a frikken love note

    if i died from a fright
    could i use u as light?
    then id cry all night
    beacuse of a fight

    the mess we made
    the notes soon fade
    helps me forget
    how much i let go to waste
    and i soon find my happy place.

    u scream ur sorry
    and then say no more stories
    then u look at the flood
    and drain out the blood
    u hide the gun
    and act like a saint
    and pretend like these scars
    are strictly paint