• u imatate a man
    and try to hold my hand
    i pull away
    and u refuse to stay
    i never said i was pretty
    i never said i was slim
    but the lines u gave me were witty
    and u forced me to love him
    now on to the scene
    were the guy gets the girl
    the type of scene
    that puts my mind in a whirl
    the kiss then they fight
    then they stay together all night
    the next part is boring
    how the others are so adoring
    i seem to choke up
    by the the lives they force up
    then heres the point
    were u act it all out
    we do the great kiss
    then we scream and we shout
    my friends stroke me with lust
    if u will if they must
    they say u did great
    it must have been fate
    then it all falls apart
    im not use to this scene
    and of course it restarts
    i hearcoos
    i hear screams
    im unsure now
    of exactly what i should do
    u hold out your hand
    i take it this time
    u tell me u love me
    and then life is just fine