• I sit there, wondering if the day would end.

    All our memories are all now gone.

    You said I was good enough for you, but not that enough.

    Remember the night we were beneath the stars?

    Our hands intertwined, lips together, saying that you didn't want us to ever end.

    That memory is gone, so has our love.

    I thought you were someone more.

    Someone who would actually love one another and cherish them.

    But when I saw you with her, I felt like I was nothing...empty...blank.

    You said you loved me, but now I know that that isn't true.

    I love you, I told you my secrets, my heart completely whole.

    Now, broken.

    You gave me that gorgeous smile, the one you use on girls?

    Yeah that one.

    You ask me whats wrong.

    I tell you of what I saw and I run away.

    I sit here asking myself why I loved him.

    No answer came upon me.

    I now lay here on the windowsill with eye-filled tears.

    I'm not good enough for you.

    I never was.

    I'll never will be.