• Lemonade flavored sunshine
    Singing a song of blessing
    Raining down from the blue sky
    Rusty chains smelling of wind

    In the afternoon
    Abandoned by children
    While the shadows stretch
    We just want to talk a little longer

    Forbidden kisses
    Smuggled by brick and mortar
    In the shade of my old school
    I can’t help but want a little more

    Lemonade flavored sunshine
    Lighting up your most brilliant smile
    With summers last dieing breath
    Stirring the red leaves around our feet

    My hand in yours
    One heart one soul
    Sweep me off my feet
    And carry me far away

    The autumn roads lead
    I want to be with you
    Only you in all the world

    Lemonade flavored sunshine
    Now and forever
    No matter what season it is
    Happiness in memories yet to come