• "OMG!!!" Laura poked her nose 5 times in the mirror.
    "What's wrong Laura?" Katie was putting on her sparkly lipgloss curious of what Laura was freaking out about this time. "It's this god awful nose. It's so long and grotesque."
    Laura turned to Katie. Her nose looked fine to Katie. "I think you look fine..."
    "Yea, That's what someone who likes like that would say."
    Katie rolled her eyes. Laura was always putting her down.
    "Well, you could always get plastic surgery and..."
    "OMG! Totally awesome!!! LOLZ!!!!!!" She hugged Katie and ran out of the bathroom. Katie grabbed her purse and went back to class. For the next 2 hours of school she got approximately 72 texts from Laura about how she wanted her nose to look. Finally school was over. Katie walked out of her class to get pulled almost over by Laura. "So, are you ready?!?"
    "Ready for what?" Katie asked.
    Laura giggled. "Ready to come and help me pick out my new nose silly."
    Katie rolled her eyes and before she could answer had a bunch of magizines in her face. After Laura picked her nose (lol) they were off to the doctor. They gave Laura an anesthetic to calm her down, and after 15 minutes, knock her out. When she was finally fully under, Katie was approached by the doctor.
    "So Katie, Laura told me that you were fully in charge of what she wanted for her new nose."
    Katies' mouth turned to a full grin. "Well doctor, here is the picture that she wants her nose to look like."
    The doctor looked at the picture, shrugged, and began his procedure. After 2 hours it was finally done.
    "Katie?" an muffled voice said through like 20 layers of bandages, "How did it go?"
    Katie smiled, "Well, you'll find out in 2 weeks." She turned away, slipping Michael Jacksons most recent picture into her purse.