• I’ve been dead for years
    But I’ve never been truly alive
    Because within hundreds of years
    We’ve lived with fears,
    Come near, go head
    Lend me an ear, I’ll tell you stories
    Of the world wars and the holocaust
    I ‘ll tell you what humans do to humans
    When they think all hope is lost.
    I’ll tell you stories of when people never really recorded history
    The time of simpler times and the worlds old mystery.
    I tell what life is really mean to be
    I’ll let you see and breath life into the shadows
    For the life is the new decree.
    I’ll live in the world as curse, in the world’s mud
    I’ll live every day of a new sin, to gather life from blood.
    This is my life now, and now you’ll see
    What truly living forever was supposed to be.
    I am called many things, a demon, a god
    I haven’t really chosen a title, and I’ve thought about it a lot
    I’ve had years but was soon given a name
    But the meaning has a lot of meanings its hard to explain
    Now I’m hunted, silver is my death, my way into the fire
    If you haven’t already guessed it I’m the original
    I’m the only, I’m the absolute.
    I am the bringer of death, and truth threw the liars
    I am the creater of those you call vampires.
    So look upon me with hate and prejudice.
    I know your sins, all stated in a long list.
    Like it were written on your wrist
    and still you wear long sleeves shirts to hide it
    You cant do it, beleive me I've already tried it.
    How do you hide whats in plain veiw?
    How do you regret hurting ones that loved you?
    I live everyday with the memories of what I've done
    no where to run, I ask myself now If there is a chance...
    Hope maybe that I can make amends.
    Whats sad is that they all called themselves my friends
    Maybe they're right...I'm a moster.
    Not worthy of forgiveness...Even I think I don't deserve it
    I didn't choose this...But I can't stop it.
    Humans have it so easy...because they can die.
    I can't no matter how much I try.

    (( I apologize, I know the reference image is overused ))