• Misery enters every life,
    By knocking at the door,
    And while we are thus distracted,
    Creeps around along the floor.

    In close company is misery,
    Which wants for naught, alone,
    And together makes a merrier taste,
    Of what is sought or sown.

    And pain, the unwary traveler,
    Waits beside the gate,
    For an inevitable unlocking,
    Of our fears, our hopes, our fates.

    Misfortune enters first and lasts,
    As misery on a whole,
    Sprung from pain and brought to wane,
    Upon the rotted eaves of woe.

    A greater misery there is not,
    Than to have loved, and loved alone,
    So I am happier just as thus,
    With my miserable company to fuss.

    For misfortune is inevitable,
    Misery quite a must,
    And as of pain I have so found,
    That pain is easiest to trust.