• you use to be the one
    who made me smile
    made me feel like i was special
    gave me hope
    showed me a better way of life
    you were the one who saw the real me
    made me believe in love at first sight.

    until that day
    you walked away
    no signs
    not even a goodbye
    on that day
    my heart fell to pieces
    you left me
    and now i stand alone.

    now you're the one
    who i despise
    turned my heart to ash
    made me wonder
    what did i ever see in you
    but if you only knew...

    grey skies and rainy days
    the memories flood back in
    i feel so confused
    do i still love you?
    im so sick of this feeling
    if only i could turn back time
    back to the way we used to be
    if you only knew...

    ill wait for you ♥