• Ten shots one hit
    All but your love missed
    Take me down a notch
    And let me bleed on the ground
    Let not out a grumble or a sound
    Step into my puddle of scarlet petals
    Look at me as my eyes settle
    Lying in the ashes of tomorrow’s fire
    My blood mixes with them and creates charred desire
    Close my eyes with golden coins
    Take me under to the dead I join
    Tag my body and give me to the hunter
    As my body lays six feet under
    Ten shots one hit
    All but your love missed
    Bury me in the closest ditch
    Because you’ve killed me I hate you, you witch
    So as I open my eyes to what I think is hell
    I see angels a float and taste your sweet smell
    I feel my chest as your arms wrap around me
    Lock stock and barrel, aim shot and killed
    My blood you spilled
    But I wake from my death to you
    Kill me to be your true
    Ten shots one hit
    All but your love missed
    Load your gun just once more
    Forever my blood shall pour
    Cupid’s arrow like a bullet
    With this I’m on a summit
    Lock n load I’m on a plaque
    With the hunters bow she attacks
    Ten shots one hit
    Open up the butcher’s kit
    Take my heart out and dissect its needs
    To you I will always bleed
    I’ll be your hunted if you want
    And my lost soul will never haunt
    Pull back the hammer and let the bullets fly
    Ten to one says that I will die