• Before daybreak comes, there's much to do,
    Luckily, we make the best of these times.
    Life for us hasn't been exactly crystal,
    But hasn't been clouded with heinous crimes.
    Ignorance is never bliss,
    It's a future setback, an anomaly.
    So I shall say, honestly,
    Our innocence is bliss to me.
    Still young enough to be cast down,
    But still old enough to be wise.
    And how I love, to be so young,
    Able to get caught up in your eyes.
    Still young enough to laugh and play,
    Mature enough to be bold.
    Old enough to cherish a love,
    One we shall forever hold.
    Amidst the fire, we turn to ash,
    And rise up as white smoke.
    We then embrace after another mistake,
    For we never die after we choke.
    Time is just a theory, we have forever,
    We never let the thought die.
    We couldn't let go, something I know,
    Even if we were to try.
    We're meant to love and care for each other,
    We even accept some sin,
    But I'll never protest, I'll always say yes,
    When you ask, "So, forever then?".