• Have you ever heard laughter?

    Of course you have but do you think about it after?

    After what, well when you think of your own,

    Whether you’re with your friends or on the phone.

    Do you think about how loud it is compared to others?

    Does your laugh mimic those of your sisters and brothers?

    Do you think others respond badly to your laughter more?

    More compared to others because it sounds forced.
    I think other people’s laughs are fascinating.

    Some don’t even know the real aura they are creating.

    I laugh because another laughs, not because a joke was good

    Not because I’m happy or nervous like people normally would

    Though I have been nervous not in the way you think

    I try to refine how much laughter, and if I should grin or blink.

    These little details may seem too much work to you.
    To me they are but small chores we all do.

    If no body else laughs then you feel alone, stupid and UN cool

    Sort of the outsider, the clown, or the fool.

    I find it’s only then do people mimic my laugh.

    This of course is something more logical, as our ability to adapt.

    Or is it an inability? Can we not be the only ones laughing?

    Like an artist who makes music but is never the only one singing

    We all have a sort of stage freight, well that is untrue also.

    I applaud those who can get past this and please let all know.

    If you want to laugh it should be natural and completely free.

    A frown takes more work but is that really what you want it to be.

    I find I don’t laugh a lot nowadays, because of my lack of interest

    Even now with this little Poem/Rant I find I’ve become bored with it.

    I’ve answered so many questions in my head

    Questions I’ve though about sitting on my bed,

    Tomorrow I will probably forget what I said.

    This is my mind, Total chaos and out of gear.

    Keeping to my minds safe spots to avoid the fear.

    What fear? Well we all have fear, something in our mind we don’t want there

    We learn to live with it, like we don’t even care.

    Things so personal, we would blush if we shared.

    Love, is one, probably the most annoying of all.

    The one we can ever stay away from when it calls

    I am of course not talking about lust.

    Lust is the boner we guys get when we see a girl with large bust.

    Bust of course being the size of a woman’s breast

    This thus proves that my mind is a mess.

    I started this poem with something in mind.

    I pretty sure I can remember it but it’s hard to stay in line.

    Ah yes Laughter, well I am laughing now.

    It’s a rigid and very soft and complicated sound

    How I never get to hear it so often.

    I would choose the lesser and act amused.

    A smile is so much less complicated to do.

    Don’t you think? The person this poem was handed to.

    I of course do not know your name.

    But thank you because…well of course you came.

    I was not expecting you to read this.

    My poems sound too chaotic, and are too numerous to list.

    This is however my mind and you can take a peak.

    So I applaud you for staying and taking a seat.

    I apologize if this poem is boring, or at least not very neat.

    I tried to make a point, but there was too many to make.

    If I could I’ll scratch this poem and do a retake.

    I’m of course not going to be able too.

    Ever word will be mixed and the poem: new.

    I can never repeat what I said twice.

    Words are mixed like a bowl of rice.

    Thus my poems are like a bowl of rice.

    The rice is the words and the bowl the poem.

    The rice will be rice but what changes is how you show them

    I will not use words like Repetitive, even though my poems match the description.

    My poems can be dark, or happy, or anxiously written.

    They can be complicated or fit inside your mind like a hand to a mitten.

    Written about a large lion, or a very small kitten.

    This is the end of the poem, because I have nothing else to say.

    Maybe I’ll make a new poem, tomorrows a new day.

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