• deception at its best, you toy with emotions, wheres your faith?
    i pulled so much out and for what? you go on with that stupid smirk,
    how pathetic. i see what a piece of trash you've become, but i still love you.
    Why? i have nothing, still you could care less. my heart at false pretense,
    how can i call this love? i wait with anxiety, should this mean more than it should?
    i thought i could dance with you forever, but the light behind your eyes lies to me again.
    are you just going to leave me, and find someone else?
    heaven knows how bad you are going to fall on your face if so.
    you think these tears are from my innocence?
    i grieve for release,
    but my oxygen still strips away. i thought you could change everything,
    but the thought of losing you becomes a nightmare.
    a burden you are to me,
    its not your fault,
    just my fate taking place.
    my soul trembles inside of me, could you a least feel something? i feel so agitated,
    why did my eyes meet with yours in the first place?
    is this all just coincidence?
    everytime i feel your presence i shiver.
    your gaze is intimidating.
    this love can blossom. Right?
    rage can't fix this, i'm stuck behind your barrier again.
    don't run away, cause you'll make me into a neverending disease.
    i can't let you decieve yourself, it would bring me guilt.
    there is beauty that shines behind you, don't abandon it.
    Your guardian angel I’ve become, look past the fire.
    You fool, your smirk is contagious now.
    That day you became the victim,
    so confused, you look around helplessly.
    Are you looking for me?
    Look harder.
    The girl you expected is not your savior.
    Look past her.
    I’m rare don’t you know that.?
    Can you find me?
    I’m not obvious.
    Don’t give up, can you handle this?
    Once again were total strangers,
    where did your faith go?
    Do you think this is a game?
    Am I not worth your while?
    You can’t make me sick anymore,
    You caught me by your realms.
    Your becoming the disease, a match made
    in heaven we are now.
    Chasing each other back and forth,
    This love will never end…