• For Christmas,
    this year i decided i didn't want a...
    camera, a television, or an iPod.
    I decided i wanted the thing i know i could never have.
    I decided i wanted you.
    Who needs, that box with that shiny jewelry under the tree,
    If i have you?
    Who needs...that stupid playstation or that Wii,
    When i have you?
    Seriously, why would i want anything,
    When the best gift i could ever get,
    ...is you?
    Why would i care about that coat, those shoes, that GORGEOUS ring,
    when i have no one to hug with it on?
    Why would i give a damn about anything,
    when i have no one to share it with.
    No one to laugh with.
    To hold hands with.
    Or to smile with.
    So please, remind me again,
    when im making my Christmas List,
    To put your name at the top.
    Because all i want now,
    All i wanted yesterday,
    And all i'll want in the future,
    Is you.