• Everyone acepets the worst,
    Everyone gets their hopes up when they love,
    Everyone likes a good story,
    But what will I acepet, hope, even be aware of since you left?
    It's called love,
    A roller-coaster yet not at all.
    You saved me from my heart's ache,
    Now you made it swallow it's agony with a side of desire,
    Just to live as a bachelor.
    You swore under open sky that I would never again say these words,
    "You, you're the one who hurt me."
    But yet again,
    You walk past,
    I mutter those words and you still shivver at the sound of the promise you never intended to keep.
    You've hurt me to deeply my love,
    Now I say at last,
    "You're heart was never there for me and now my heart has pasted."
    I still hold these words to my heart,
    A token of such luck.
    I heard you have a girl friend now,
    Believe it or not,
    I still fantize about what might of been.
    Then I realize,
    I was tooken aback from my disires,
    Hid from the world but boasted about like a trophy,
    You never cared,
    I assured you this is true,
    No matter how you hurt me,
    I still care about you.