• O! What a day to be dead
    A day to leave my empty head
    With the moon out bright
    Shining a briallient light on this desperate night
    A life left cold
    As the day of living grew old
    The last breath was cut so short
    The heart told to abort
    With the cold blade
    Left to be drug across the wrist, not to be swayed
    She hurt too much to care
    And no one else was aware
    No one came to visit her grave
    Much too afraid to be brave
    And face the ominous silence and guilt that remained
    Just a little girl with jet black hair, nothing that should be ashamed
    Another soul to be left on her own
    A life left to be unknown
    And when no one came to her aid
    She became afraid
    Suddenly she was very alone
    The world refusing to atone
    Unsure what to do, so sick of the torture they put her through
    She gave up and before they knew
    Her life she took
    Without another look
    Forever gone
    Left bleeding on the lawn
    No one cared
    No one was scared
    Just another scarred life
    Cut short with a knife