• You left this earth.
    You left your family.
    You left me.
    Every time i think of you.
    I ask myself why you had to die.
    I know it wasn't your choice to die in your sin.
    But that doesn't take away the pain.
    My heart aches to see you once again.
    That day will have to wait.
    Since I'm not leaving quite yet.
    These people are starting to bug me.
    Im getting mad about them talking about you even if were good or bad.
    I think to myself how can they talk about a deadman and his sins.
    They laughed at your habbit.
    They danced on your grave.
    Even though you drank it doesn't change the ending.
    You were my father and best friend.
    I will love you till my life ends then we will be together again.
    Wishing and hoping wont change the fact that your dead.
    You will live in my heart forever so my pain can end.

    Rest In Peace Dear, Father.