• Hey all you kids
    the bells doth sound.
    It's time for a story,
    so gather 'round.

    A long time ago,
    at the turn of the century,
    there was a man who was quite odd-
    he was nothing like you or me.

    Mr. Strictly-Professional.
    Yes that was his name.
    It's what everyone called him,
    but he was anything but "lame".

    Ever since he was a child
    he rebelled against the "Man".
    One day within his office cubicle
    he decided to take a stand.

    He said, "This is my life,
    and I'm only getting one.
    I refuse to watch it go to waste!
    So now on I'm having fun!"

    And with those words he stood right up;
    he marched straight towards his boss.
    He had not made an appointment,
    so his employer was rather cross.

    His boss attacked him verbally
    and assailed him with a glare.
    When his boss was done our hero laughed,
    "Up yours, I do not care!"

    Then Mr. Strictly-Professional
    ripped off all his clothes,
    he leaped upon the nearest desk
    wearing nothing but speedos.

    He danced that day on that glorious desk
    and others joined in the fun.
    He informed his boss as he was fired,
    "Good sir this is not done!"

    And then our hero proposed a law
    and battled it out legally.
    He said, "People should have the right to dance
    from the hours of one to three."

    And thus the law was quickly passed;
    the decision was congressional.
    Now everyday from one to three
    we thank Mr. Strictly-Professional.

    And that, dear kids, is the end of our tale.
    Yes, that's how the story goes.
    The moral is appreciate each and every day,
    and always dance in speedos.