• The eyes of our lives, that shift in surprise.

    the minds of boys, who use guns as toys.
    they don't care, but beware.
    your paper heart they will tear.

    olympians wives, ruin the lives;
    of the child who hides,
    from every surprise.

    the beldam, she screams.
    her anger, she means.
    every word. she means every word.

    the friend she moves,
    from male to male,
    receiving such mail to tell a tall tale.
    they are as her tail.
    the ending is fail.
    the friend loves to fail love.

    and your left alone,
    with no where to go.
    and he does not know.
    of the pain he bestows.

    you miss him like hell,
    but you will not tell,
    them what is wrong.
    though, you've known all along.

    your heart he has taken,
    this nightmare, have i awaken?

    'impeccable grammar,' it gives you the right.
    to distract and make me believe, it'll be alright.
    i'm not going to be alright. sleep tight.
    watch for my bite.