• A Revenge so Sweet
    In the haunted house there lies,
    A person, buried, deep inside.
    His love betrayed him,
    And now he awaits,
    For his love's reincarnation,
    To unlock the gates.

    He was once powerful,
    A demon of high rank,
    He fell in love,
    With a noble daughter,
    Of angelic descent.

    She did not love him,
    As he loved her,
    And proclaimed him a witch,
    And had him hung.

    Now the love went sour,
    Turned into a hatred so deep,
    And now he awaits,
    To put her in eternal sleep.

    He watches her
    With a blood red gaze,
    Savoring her fear,
    And relishing the fact,
    That she will soon be near.

    He cups her shoulders,
    And lays a kiss on her neck,
    One move!
    and he snaps it in two.
    Perfect revenge
    For a hangman's noose.

    And now together they lay,
    Bound by death and pain,
    Their eternity has finally come,
    And in the tomb he thinks, with glee
    "This is a Revenge so sweet."