• that boy that just dont understand u anymor. who kant luv u thu rite way ever again. no not him, but him yes, him. him him him ,mmmmmmmmmmmm i kant trust him , if him kant trust, thin there iz no trust 2 bee trusted from him. trust aint thu only thing about him. yes gurl im talkin about u , u stole him and u no it, not only that , but he stole u { u were my frend.} u dont go wit him yall wont last , im not worrying cuz him part of my past. mmmmmmmmmmmm him him him. yes u feel sori 4 me, and him haz hatred , despite , pity, im not gone cry , thats unessesary. so this is it __________________ this iz how it happens. i'll move on, and on,on ,and on , and leev u wit him { but i've found me a new ,my very own him.hahahahah lol lol lol lol !!!!!! }

    _ thnx 4 reedin my nice poem heart