• A little girl she was,
    and when a minute pass,
    In her head would say
    Am I meant to stay?

    The only things that holds her back,
    From the tempting act of suicide,
    Was her reflection staring back,
    Even with those sad eyes,

    The reason the little girl was sad,
    Was because nobody knew,
    What she could do or say,
    it was because she was never given a chance.

    She was always been looked down to,
    Never been appreciated treated like she was nothing,
    But with her little friend,
    She keeps beleiving,

    One day she was walking,
    Nobody noticed nor cared,
    Till' someone pushed her and insulted her and walked unaware,
    When she fell her little mirror broke . . .

    The little girl was so sad,
    Her only friend was gone forever,
    She can't buy another one as she was poor,
    As she didn't want to be sad forever more . . .

    She lost all hope and wasted not time,
    Hung herself over and committed suicide,
    As she had nobody except her reflection,
    There she left her corpse on the rope,

    but for some odd reason,
    A tear drop,she didn't want to leave,
    No she didn't,But I guess she did it because,
    She wanted to see her reflection

    The end