• The trees lean over me, making me small
    Small patches of moss hug the brown bark
    Their leaves drip droplets onto my head
    And I listen to the drops fall to me

    The ferns brush against my ankles
    They hug me with their moist little leaves as I walk besides them
    The wind gently blows, and they sing a small song
    A song that no one can hear
    But it’s a beautiful song, a wonderful song
    That the plants and trees can hear
    And me

    The mist blows on my face
    A mysterious curtain of light
    It dampens my face with its veil
    And it cools the forest it touches
    Rising up to the treetops
    Crouching down to the ferns
    Creating droplets of beauty
    That no one pays attention to
    Except me
    And the forest and trees

    The creek is small, but acts like a waterfall
    Swishing its water to and fro
    The rocks around it make a tricking noise
    And it sounds like laughter
    Of many different creatures
    Each rock is a creature
    That makes a different laugh
    As the water moves past it
    But no one notices the laughs
    Of the water based nymphs
    Except the forest and I

    The wind, it blows gently
    The ferns sing their silent song
    The mist makes her droplets
    That falls to my head
    The creek creates her laughter
    and the trees sway silently
    and the forest pays heed to these small little things
    as do I.