• I Stand for the power to change.
    I Stand for the right to love who i feel like loving.
    I live for the perfect day, Rain or snow.
    I've loved til it hurt like crazy, but i'm still standing despite weak and wobbly legs.
    I'm praying for my hero to save me.
    What will the world make of me the day my mask breaks completely and my true self is revealed.
    I can't seem to find a way to fix the bleeding in my chest.
    How can i change if you wont tell me how.
    A new day another cold lonely night.
    The last to know that the first cut is the deepest.
    Trapped within a violet prison with no hope of escape, i turned around and saw your face.
    Twisted memories, wasted words, dreams can be bent and broken.
    Its never enough in this world it drowns us in its cliche's.
    Blood spilled upon the floor, for a pointless war, it's never enough.
    Love or lust it's never enough, Darkness doesn't always lead to light.
    Death will never be the Answer!
    So i'll Stand for the power of change and the power to be me.