• I watched my boy a’marchin
    down the dusty lane,
    and watch solemnly
    knowin it’ll ne’er be the same.

    He’s off to fight in the war
    and has promised to return.
    I cling to the promise.
    My heart may ne’er learn.

    A letter arrives now and then from Johnny,
    sayin he misses me and wishin that he was back home.
    For now, he’s servin his country,
    goin where he’s told to roam.

    The time continues onward
    as I wait all alone.
    So soon the others come a’courtin,
    thinkin they can win a heart that’s owned.

    I stare out the window
    wishin to see his smiling face.
    Just thinkin ‘bout the nights spent together..
    it makes my heart race.

    Not long after, I was restin by the window,
    dreamin quietly of my darling Johnny, my love.
    Waking to a cold fear and the scent of gunpowder,
    I know I’m not alone.

    The curtains stir in the wind,
    although the window’s shut tight.
    I rise to find the intruder,
    but find no one, save for my own fright.

    The strangest happenings occurred then on
    as I awaited Johnny’s next letter.
    A soldier showed up at my front door
    with news of my beloved’s disaster.

    Oh, what sorrow overtook me I read the news.
    My Johnny had died in battle
    at the “hand” of a cannon shell.
    Rivers of tears fell, my heart was at a stand-still.

    I was inconsolable for days,
    thinkin only of my Johnny.
    Til I woke to a young red rose
    sittin on my table, a thought sweeter than honey.

    The little things were what woke me from my stupor.
    His scent about a room , the rose and the diamond ring
    left delicately on my third finger.
    There was a chilly happiness these gifts would bring.

    One day I noticed just what the gifts meant.
    A lovers’ sweet caress, that final straw,
    was what told me who was behind it.
    My Johnny had marched home after all.

    I was elated for a time, til a courter came to call.
    My Johnny became enraged, defendin my honor.
    He hit the walls and threw furniture, breakin a window.
    The suitor left screamin.. it was better than bein a goner.

    My family was scared stiff of the hauntin,
    they feared for their lives.
    I must say that Johnny’s anger was like a bunch of bees
    once someone had messed with their hive.

    Still, no matter what they said.. I ne’er feared him.
    I may’ve been worried and a bit shocked,
    but knew he wouldn’t hurt me.
    I simply wished he wouldn’t enter my room before he knocked.

    My darlin’ Johnny was too sweet to fear.
    He left me flowers and whispered sweet nothings,
    givin me all that he had left to give.
    I wondered what love with a dead man could bring.

    I began to ignore my family entirely,
    wishin to leave this world behind for good.
    I wanted to be with Johnny forever.
    I retreated to my room to brood.

    In a sense, a madness overtook me
    in the hours I thought of my wish.
    I’d ne’er take another love,
    though this ocean’s full of fish.

    One Sunday, when the family was all at church,
    I stayed at home and came to grips with my love.
    I suddenly realized why he refused to rest..
    My Johnny was bound to hell, he was no dove.

    I set ablaze the house and returned to my room.
    The smell of gunpowder was strong as the smoke began to rise.
    I saw my Johnny in that swirling haze
    and smiled at him, knowin we all must die.

    That hideous blaze engulfed us,
    but that was only the start.
    I knew that horrendous torture awaited us in hell,
    but we’d ne’er be apart.

    This is my tale to tell, so deadly after all.
    Go on now and tell your friends.
    Johnny and I’ll be awaitin
    down here in the end.