• My life shifts violently
    As my world crumbles beneath my feet
    I try to find some common ground
    But the more i struggle, the faster it slips away
    While drifting away into the desolate voids of space
    All i see is nothing
    Without the warmth of my world
    I'm frozen in an eternal case of pain, sorrow, and lonliness
    Other worlds come along
    But fail in their attempts
    To melt away the ice-cold emotions that surround my frozen heart
    The tears i shed in my infinite slumber
    The tears only my world can here
    Appear as comets in the night sky
    Only to burn up in the atmosphere of the ones i care for
    My feelings, never being fully understood
    Patiently await the return of the planet whose gravity held me so tightly
    Its such a shame that they go on waiting in vain