• The moon pines for the sun all through the night
    ceasing as the horizon splashes with colors so bright
    that watchful eyes on Earth cry at the devoted display.
    They share but two fleeting moments of each passing day.
    But their dance never slows and never comes about too late.
    They are prompt; they are eager; they are tied to their fate
    and like shy lovers, circle the heavens in a constant embrace.
    Their courting is tender with contemplation and grace.

    The wind caresses the Earth with a touch so sweet
    that the ground yearns desperately for the chance to meet
    and reaches to the sky, beseeching with phantom arms and legs.
    One howls and one trembles, forced from their sweet silence to beg.
    The mountains rise high and the air currents sweep low.
    all for contact—an embrace—a chance for their affection to show.
    It is not written in their lifetime that they will ever touch,
    but it is the fleeting caresses that they will desperately clutch.

    It is natural then for humans to feel quite the same.
    It is natural then for people to endure the wrenching pain
    that comes loudly with love and leaves quietly with death.
    It is natural then for lovers in a kiss to share one loving breath.