• tar of the wicked past
    swaying above morning tease
    splashing around with easing breeze
    darkened by the blazing eve
    twisting and turning
    screaming and burning
    deep down on hallows day
    writhing away in fury's craze.
    we run from the haunting call
    denying the lies and hurried to fall
    with no time to wait on crowded bliss
    we dance to the fist with a flaming wrist.
    deemed to play the sorrows today
    the faker hides away
    cramped in place behind blatant brace
    it's lightning pace breaking between
    two faced screen half apart
    to be here and there
    but no where around.
    swaying to and fro
    together we push the other
    worlds apart we separate
    both are to blame
    and calm to the day.