• only if yew could see that i don't really love yew anymore now
    just go away i wish u would just leave me alone
    i hate that you always think your right but your NOT!!!!!!
    i never really like you but you always thought i did
    it was an act i hope you truly know how i feel
    i just want to know am i okay? or am not?
    please just go away i never wanna see you again
    LEAVE!!! JUST GO!!! NOW!!!! AHHHH!!!!
    your driven me insane with your lies
    i just want it to stop
    you say that you want me back but i know how you really feel
    i see through your lies im not stupid but you seem to think
    so, now we are here and we are tryin not to yell
    please i dont need this i gave you everyting but you threw it
    all away like it was nothin
    and you sit and wonder why i hate you so much!!!!!!!
    LEAVE!!! JUST GO!!! NOW!!! AHHHH!!!!
    i need to just walk away but you say no i will help but you
    always stab me in the back
    i wish that you would see the...(lies?)
    i want you so know how it feels to be treated like you are nothin
    LEAVE!!! JUST GO!!! AHHHH!!!!
    i hate the way that you treat me
    filling my head with all these lie
    you say you love me and shove me to the ground
    i hate you go away or i will leave cause you seem to be mad
    when ever i say a word
    i need someone who wont hurt me unlike you!!!!!!
    i love you but theirs only one thing stopping me
    LEAVE!!! JUST GO!!! AHHHH!!!!
    i want you to say i did love you
    but that seems to be to much to ask for
    so goodbye and i hope that you find someone who will
    make yew happy i now i know i could never do that.....
    so stop sayin i never cared!!!!!!