• In a land of snow,
    everything glitters,
    a land so cold,
    it gives you the jitters,

    You walk on ice,
    romping with glee,
    sugar and spice,
    to enjoy with me,

    White-tailed deer,
    the colors are seen,
    it's her that i fear,
    the dreaded snow queen.

    A wizard, a wizard,
    found a girl,
    in a terrible blizzard.

    Took her home,
    nursed her to health,
    little did she know,
    the cards she was dealt.

    He needed a guard,
    for a world llike no other,
    'And what care has she;
    she hasnt a mother!'

    He shoved her in,
    and locked her up,
    leaving her only,
    bread for sup.

    The snow queen was trapped,
    bitter and cold,
    stuck in the ice worlds,
    of fantasy old.

    Cold and mean,
    but living in wealth,
    she'll do a bad bit,
    to your mental health.

    She'll charm you,
    disarm you,
    then throw you to the bears,

    She'll "love" you,
    tease you,
    and then kiss you with death,

    The snow queen is great,
    not as so good,
    the snow queen would stop,
    if she only could.