• Strike a match
    Watch it flare
    Burns away
    The little stick
    Then a sharp pain
    And you drop it with a grunt

    Our fingers are going to be completely callused and scared by senior year
    Jokes Bobbie

    New pack
    Take one
    Strike it
    Sparks but no flame
    Crap cardboard
    Fingers inch against the pink
    Strike again
    The same fingers fly backwards, experienced
    As it erupts
    Taught by past incidents

    Then fold the packets cover back
    And put one of the edges
    Of the uniformed fold
    Against the flame
    It hisses and you watch
    Totally transfixed
    Until they are all lit
    By the chain of match heads

    And then watch
    Until they are gone
    And only the plastic-coated cardboard
    Is left melting
    Against the nubs

    Then drop it
    Grab another pack
    Don’t waste the whole thing
    this time

    It looks cool once,
    but it only lasts a second

    Individual matches last longer

    I agree