• I see a smooth, polished piece of granite
    where my name is etched in the rock.
    My family and friends stand around it, weeping,
    my mother still in shock.

    Sorrow clouds their faces in grey
    the same color as the sky up above.
    I didn't mean to leave them like this, grieving,
    for they're the ones I love.

    And now I see the dark wood coffin
    and the preacher says a prayer.
    I now realize, with sickness in my stomach,
    that I should be alive, living down there.

    They lift up the lid and there I see my face,
    my father is hiding his tears.
    My best friend collapses to her knees, broken,
    she's living both of our fears.

    And as they lower the coffin into the ground
    I see the hurt that I've caused the ones I love.
    I wish that they could see my tears, falling as rain,
    as I watch them from up above.