• Oh Halloween, oh Halloween,
    As though your soul had seen,
    The devils wings,
    While the great demon sings,
    You to sleep,
    Like a lullaby, but with love and melancholy.
    And as you weep,
    The windows seep,
    With darkness shoving and pushing its way through,
    And all this happened, as the witches did brew.
    A curse of luck, and a tainting of horror,
    And a temptation towards all of spooks,
    And scares, and unreasonable dares.

    A curse……
    That enters through the heart,
    That makes all scary nerves, breed off chart,
    Within your body,
    It grows horribly,
    And consumes your soul,
    For all eternity.

    This curse…..
    It comes once annually,
    For every year,
    It controls you each time,
    On the day of Halloween ironically.
    And on this day, oh so dear,
    The wind does chime,
    The souls of the dead,
    Covered in blood-red
    Witches’ hearts.

    As I arise from my tomb,
    And walk so alive,
    Like I have come from a beautiful womb,
    As I begin to take my dive,
    In Hell’s wretched holiday time.

    This is the end,
    The end for the dead,
    While our hearts are sunken with lead.
    The is the night of the end,
    When are human-kinded hearts are on lend,
    And us wicked hearts are now to pretend!
    Halloween, the holiday of the dead.

    The End.