• Secrets should be kept and not said,
    Because sometimes it gets mislead,
    Now my secrets are known,
    I’d like to die, hide and be alone.

    My life, my secrets known to all,
    Taking breaking my emotions start to fall,
    How could they be mean and expose me so,
    Now I cry and weep because they all know.

    My world, my life starting to stall,
    As I want them to burn and fall.
    Watching them in pain as they die,
    I will have a smirk and shall not cry,

    This is not my anger and hate,
    Its just how I wish to see their fate,
    Inside my love has died all so more,
    Now I shall never trust or adore.

    Secrets should be kept and not said,
    Even when their minds happen to be mislead.
    They shouldn’t speak what they shouldn’t say,
    Now my heart is torn in two on till this day.