• the forever and always o always thought would be true
    but hat crudely ended between me and you
    people told me it was time
    why i listened the answer i cant find
    you say you dont hate me but thats hard to believe
    now look at what i ruined , cant you see
    you say never again and i understand why
    i only wish it could be at least ill try
    i want us back to the way before january 5th 2010
    i ruined my own life and i want to rewind to before then
    back to the smiles and before the sad crys
    im tired of all the tears sorrow and goodbyes
    i know you think im immature and my mind is unstable
    but look at everyone that turns the tables
    everyone is immature in their own way
    just hear me out and listen to what i say
    im sorry for my actions im sorry i cant explain
    i just wish you would understand and im sorry for the pain
    i know i didnt help your life , i did the same to mine
    now what smiles we once shared have faded away
    the sun that once shone upon us has grew very gray
    i would ask to go back to all those happy times
    but i fear your answer and i fear being denyed
    if i dont take a chance ill never know the truth
    but just remember this no matter what ill love you