• I always wonder if I am ever to find true love.
    For no matter how long I go down the path of life.
    I can never seem to find the one for me.
    Day after day my heart shatters into pandoras box.
    Without any soul willing to take my hand and try to repair it.
    For a man with friends is plesent to a point.
    However without a lover, who are you to listen to, to be with, and to love.
    For without love, one may feel incomplete.
    I'm like a box of chocolates, eaten multiple times without even being bothered to be filled again , to be disregarded hatefully and carelessly thrown into a trashcan as if I never even mattered...
    I lay asleep at night, not being able to sleep.
    Sure, you are suppose to put the past behind and live for today.
    However, when so many women have broken your heart along with past friends.
    You cant help to stay up at night, and think about the past relationships where you have had problems with, and it never being your fault.
    Knowing in your heart it isn't because all you do is try to give them your love on a silver plater, and they just end up knocking it out of your hands mocking you.
    When your one of the guys who would feel like they could take on the world if they just had that one special love to hold close and look into there eyes being able to say "Im here for you and I love you" to one person for once...
    Without having to worry when they will break your heart, for if they cheat on you and make it sound like your fault or some other ridiculous reason.
    For being nice have its downfalls, sure you may have people who love you for you, and everyone being your friend.
    However, when it comes to one of ur closest friends you love more then air itself, it seems like they will never be able to understand your love for them and give it back.
    For they rather date someone they don't know, or someone they like because of there looks or there fake personality they present on the outside
    How does that make you feel, knowing deep inside that you being there best friend, always loving them, knowing about them, and caring about them makes you undateable or them because it would just be *awkward*.......?
    Who else would be better to date then someone you can trust and know will be there for you on the rainy days, the snowy days, the autumn days, those spring days, and those long summer days.
    When you're like me and you've never done harm to anyone or any other girl just the person who receives it all.
    You start to wonder, if there is actually someone out there for you.
    If one day you are to find the one person along the side of the road, just like you smiling back at you as you fall deeply in love loosing complete reasoning as you get lost in there eyes...
    For I've been down the road of love so many times...
    Its like, why should I seriously try anymore, what will change when I get older?
    Just the fact that people can't just find that one person to be happy with for there life?
    We have divorce, relationship issues, and all this other stuff.
    For when you TRULY love someone, you don't have any of that because true loves fills that emptiness in the heart we all have and make you feel like you matter the most to the person you may want to spend the rest of your life with...
    For putting on a smile every day for everyone else to see may be appealing on the outside.
    However on the inside, it doesn't fix the ever growing pain I feel inside.
    Like literally my chest is ripped open and nobody will ever bother to sew it back together...
    What is one to do when they feel like this, or is there even a remedy... For a broken soul??

    By: Tyler Layne Cooper
    Please be easy on the comments and the ratings.... I'm not doing really well atm, and i'm BEYOND baked because it seems to be one of the few things that seem to kill the pain next to walking everywhere all the time. I also haven't really written a paper like this before so it was quite an experiment. Please give me your full thoughts on it, and tell me on the areas I can approve. Each person who makes it this far has ALL of my thanks in the world and It means ALOT to me that you have read my thoughts smile ! I may not be smiling at the moment, however it means alot still to have people read it.