• In the end
    It is all
    Your fault
    Its all your fault
    You lied and said
    You loved me but
    The truth shows now
    You never cared
    It was just a game
    It as just for fun
    And now I’m scared
    And I don’t know what
    I am going to do
    I think I’ll just
    Sit and think
    About how much
    I hate you
    Love you
    You said you cared
    But you did not
    Instead you left me
    For my friend
    Who doesn’t love you
    doesn’t care
    Not the way I did
    But still you left
    And now I’m sad
    I thought you cared
    Ill always hate you
    But I still love you
    don’t despair
    I’m still out there
    Waiting for you
    To say you care
    -Joe ninja