• A hundred little black bird sitting in a tree
    All at once they flutter off
    Covering the sky
    Like a storm cloud

    Stale old air
    Just hung in the room
    When in burst a black bird
    Stirring up the air
    Like a fan

    A polished tombstone
    In a decaying graveyard
    Forever engraved in the stone
    The name of a teenage girl
    Whose life was taken too soon?
    A black bird perched on top
    Crying out at the loss
    Of her young life
    A mother glides her fingers
    Over the smooth finish
    Of the new crib
    A baby’s eyes stare out
    At the black bird perched on the crib
    Glorifying this new life

    A black bird soars high in the sky
    Tasting hamburger
    That is thick in the air
    At one taste of that sent
    The black bird flies off
    Too the backyard picnic
    Gently landing on the picnic table
    Looking ahead he sees it
    The barbeque