• Grandpa, Your beaver is growing up.
    She’s building her dam.
    Filling it memories,
    And pictures from the cam.

    I wish you could see
    Just what I’ve came to be.
    I wish I had just one more day,
    So many things left to say.

    I know you look down here
    To see a frown upon my face,
    Because you are up there,
    Not here in your place.

    I may have needed you,
    But he needed you more.
    So I sat there in the pew,
    With my eyes upon the floor.

    Tears began to well,
    My eyes began to burn.
    I wish you were here,
    So much for me to learn.

    Just so you know,
    I do love you so.
    Grandpa, watch over me,
    And Rest In Peace.