• Slipping...
    by ~Your Soothing Serenade
    slowly it seems
    you are slipping away....
    farther from my grasp,
    don't go, please stay...
    My love is unfading
    My heart beats for you
    I cant even imagine
    losing something so true...
    I told you i loved you
    I show you i care
    I hug and i kiss you
    I want to be there
    Wanting your lips
    to be pressed to mine
    to be in your embrace
    all of the time
    no one said it'd be easy
    they said it'd be hard
    I'm here for you all the way
    Even if my heart, breaks into shards
    every now and then
    there will be a conflict
    but my feelings for you
    will never constrict
    for richer or poorer
    Till death do we part
    all of those words
    I mean with my heart
    So now you know
    as each day will go
    my love for you, like a river.
    will always flow.
    Its time for my words
    To come to an end
    Hope now you know how i feel
    Bout you, My blessing...
    My boyfriend....