• A single drop of rain, a diamond on my arm.
    A tear rolls down my cheek, for crying does no harm.
    A heart is told to break, and listens with intent.
    A need to understand, the message being sent.
    A mind that's set to pain, wakes up to the sun.
    A final realizatin, that I at last have won.
    A game of make believe, to numb my aching mind.
    A source of true relief, that I can't seem to find.
    A fear of things to come, things not on their way.
    A painful paranoia, that haunts me to this day.

    A single drop of rain, falling to this Earth.
    A feeling hits me hard, and I don't know what it's worth.
    A love that's full of hate, it's hardly love at all.
    A knowledge that you've stayed, here to catch me if I fall.
    A power deep within, that keeps me here today.
    A force that pulls me in, for I know that I must stay.
    A day is only here, until it's time to go.
    A secret that's kept safe, is one we'll never know.
    A downpour comes this way, to drown us and our pain.
    A lonely speck of water, A single drop of rain.