• Running water,

    In blood soaked rain,

    Feelings run hotter,

    With shots of pain.

    Seeing the scars run deep and red,

    Watching the crimson run down the bed

    Hearing the pain and sorrow in my head,

    Hoping that soon I would be dead.

    The room becomes blurred,

    With sounds I once heard,

    The world fades at the edges,

    I'll soon be in peace.

    Cool hands at my cheeks,

    Wet lips on my head,

    Telling me the truth,

    That I am not dead.

    The pain still burns,

    And my body still yearns,

    for the bliss my crimson will send.

    when will this nightmare end?

    My eyes are unfocused,

    My mind in a haze,

    The only thought I have is,

    That I'll continue this in the upcoming days.