• Why do I still love you?
    Why do I want you back?
    I'm so lost and confused
    Emotionally abused
    I feel so used
    I'm sick of always being the tool
    I guess I'm just a fool
    But these words
    Are straight from the heart
    And I. As though my soul
    Is being torn apart.
    Slowly losing all emotions
    Never again will I fall
    Why should I believe you
    When all you did was leave?
    Why should I try for a lost love
    That's just gonna die?
    Why should I care
    When all you did was drag me into a nightmare?
    Why should I pretend
    Like it don't hurt till the very end?
    Nothing but agony in this heart
    Pain and despair
    Welcome to my nightmare
    I ain't gonna lie
    I miss the warmth of your skin
    My heart felt paper thin
    As if I could just blow away
    In the wind but it was all fake
    Love ain't no mistake
    You just used me
    I ain't a rebound
    These words so profound
    So deep and true
    All this pain
    Because of you