• " i think about you twenty four seven,

    in my mind your always running to quit,

    i don't know if I'm ready to see you in heaven,

    so the top is back on I'm covering it,

    i cant stand that your finally gone

    leaving this world like you did was wrong

    to weep for you long never

    but just know now that i know better

    in a stressful time for ever

    i send you this dead letter

    all the times you thought you were clever

    my defenses i wore on my sweater

    i close this memory with my lever

    its time

    you were the giver and i was the receiver

    you were the beginning rhyme

    i was at first a believer

    but you planed such an organized crime,

    justice wasn't blind

    and for the first time,

    i didn't have suicide in my mind"

    Shawn M. INFINIT ™