• I have a secret
    Its tucked safe inside
    Away from all the monsters
    And I dare not leave it behind
    I have a secret
    Its so hard to share
    With those to close
    Those so near
    I have a secret
    I will never let go
    Of this little peice of terror
    This little bit of hell
    I have a secret
    Not many hold close
    They do not know
    I don't like to boast
    I have a secret
    Deep down inthere
    One thats regrettable
    One that will scare
    I have a secret
    That involves him
    Over there
    He knows it too well
    I have a secret
    That he decided to share
    I didn't want it
    He didnt care
    I have a secret
    That no one else knows
    How Im going to die
    Thats how the story goes
    I have a secret
    That makes me cry
    Every day
    Im willing to die
    I have a secret
    That connects
    Him and I
    He gave it to me
    And on the very first try
    Now this secret
    Will never leave
    Just like he did
    Its just secret and me
    This little secret
    Is ready to kill
    In a couple of years
    Ill grow very ill
    This little secret
    Im willing to trade
    For something curable
    With medical aid
    One little secret
    He was reluctant to tell
    Now I have aids
    Shh, don't tell.