• Legs trembling,
    vision blurring,
    I stumble to the floor.
    What am I doing?

    All I can see is people around me,
    pointing and laughing.
    I close my eyes as tears roll down my face,
    why are these so called friends not helping?

    I flee out the door,
    getting into my car.
    I all I want to do is go home,
    I'll make it, I say, it's not that far.

    Racing to my house, I'm almost there,
    Then suddenly a boy appears.
    I spin and swurve for what seemed like forever
    the boy, I can see, gets more and more near.

    I can hear peoples voices,
    and screams and cries from away.
    I can make out one question,
    "Are they going to be okay?"

    I open my eyes,
    to the doctors and nurses crowding me,
    and to a couple just outside the door,
    holding hands and praying.

    I gasp in complete shock,
    as a glance to the bed next to me,
    there a young boy lying still,
    covered in blood and debris.

    The couple comes into the room,
    faces dreched in tears.
    Repeating to their son they love him,
    and that they will always be here.

    My mother sits down next to my bed,
    and says im okay and my car was merely dented.
    But she looks at the boy, then down at me with disappointment,
    telling me this all could have been prevented.

    A continous beep unexpectedly fills the room,
    And the man is forced to exit alongside his wife.
    Seeing this, I will no longer drink and drive-
    for today, it cost someone their life.